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Microwave Steriliser Suavinex

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The microwave steriliser allows you to sterilise up to 5 bottles of different sizes, their teats and accessories, and several soothers in just 4 minutes.

The holes in its base allow the water vapour through, while the specially designed bottle rack ensures that bottles are perfectly sterilised inside and out.

Its use is recommended for the baby's first year of life

- Room for 5 bottles
- Sterile for 3 hours
- Compact and lightweight
- Ready in 4 minutes with 1100 - 1500 W microwaves
- Ready in 5 minutes with 850 - 1100 W microwaves
- Ready in 7 minutes with 475 - 850 W microwaves
- Includes complementary tongs

Brand: Suavinex
Measurements: 17 x 26 x 26 cm

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