Alecto – Bath And Room Thermometer Hippo


Funny hippo bath thermometer It is one of the nicest moments of the day. Your baby gets a bath. Tasty pussing and spattering. What a pleasure! But how do you know for sure that the temperature of the water is just right? That is what the BC-11 tells you. The BC-11 is a bath thermometer that accurately measures the temperature of the water. He just keeps floating in the pool. On the large display you can see exactly how hot the water is and if that gets hotter than 39 degrees, the BC-11 gives an alarm. This way you can focus on your child with a safe feeling, without worrying about the temperature.

To save the battery, the BC-11 turns itself off after one hour. That way he will last a year. And if that is not enough bad time: we will supply you with an extra battery for another 365 hours. This is more than just a bath thermometer. You can also place it in the child’s room. Unlike most bath thermometers, this funny hippo also measures the air temperature. It has a range of 0 to 50 degrees and is therefore intended for indoor use.

– Floating waterproof bath thermometer
– Accurate measurement of bath water and room temperature
– Alarm during hot bath water (> 39 ° C)
– Easy in use
– Safe and fast


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