Alecto – Mobile Night Light With Lullabies


Mobile night light, lullabies on board. Sometimes children have some trouble sleeping. So alone in a room, they can miss their mum or dad. It is then convenient that you can put something that your child at that moment momentarily reassures. Like this BC-90 nightlight with lullabies.

The BC-90 is a fun night light that spreads a soft light in your child’s room. We call that soft glow. Thanks to its funny design in the shape of a monkey, the BC-90 will soon be a favorite item in the room of your little male or female.

Own unique lullaby

The BC-90 is not only a night light, but it also has the possibility to play some unique lullabies. These songs were specially made by Alecto. Most children quickly develop a preference for a favorite song, with which they can dream away.

It is also possible with the BC-90 to play natural sounds that give peace and comfort. All in all, the night light with lullabies BC-90 offers enough possibilities to develop and maintain a wonderfully familiar sleeping ritual. Children appreciate it regularly and sleep better. And with the timer makes sure that the sounds also stop.


– A unique soft glow night light
– Who can play unique lullabies and natural sounds
– And with that a good sleep ritual is brought about
– Which can be confirmed everywhere with its handy curled tail
– And can be placed anywhere because it works on a rechargeable battery
– And has a nice design that children love.

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